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100 years of DERKOM+KLEIN

Fig. Production hall 1925

100 years of DERKOM+KLEIN

In December 1912, Hermann Derkom founded “Remscheider Schleif- und Polierindustrie Derkom & Co.” in Remscheid, near Solingen. A few years later, in 1917, he took over the “Westdeutsche Schmirgel- und Schleifmittelfabrik GmbH” in Solingen-Wald.

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In the years that followed, Derkom began to use magnesite, which was still relatively unknown as an abrasive bond, for the production of large abrasives. His aim was to remove the dangerous sandstone that had led to the dreaded “grinder’s pneumoconiosis”.

After the Second World War and the associated reconstruction, the modernization of the company and the merger with the Solingen-based company Paul Klein & Co., DERKOM+KLEIN developed into a specialist in the field of magnesite and resin-bonded grinding wheels as well as dual-zone grinding wheels.



DERKOM+KLEIN is still a traditional company that has firmly established itself nationally and internationally in the field of magnesite and resin-bonded grinding wheels and dual-zone grinding wheels. Thanks to its many years of experience in the field of resin-bonded grinding wheels, DERKOM+KLEIN is continuously developing its product range so that it can now also supply tile wheels for finish grinding. In addition, individual custom-made products or special machining of grinding wheels are also guaranteed by an extensive machine park, so that complex mechanical machining can be carried out flexibly according to customer requirements.


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